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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

aros redux

The organisers of the River of Stones project are putting together a book of the best contributions. It will include two of mine. Bizarrely they have chosen the one I wrote in Klingon. I just hope my grammar was as good as I thought it was.



sue said...

spoken in Aussie, not Klingon, sorry: Wow, that's so cool. I thought it was fabulous!

Bob Hale said...

I'm just hoping my grammar was good enough. I'd hate to find a Klingon art critic waiting on my doorstep with a Bat'leth.

sue said...

My hubby thought it looked ok, he's not an expert though.
I just got an email saying one of mine was accepted too, the one about the muffler on my mini falling off - I think they might have a section on the 'weird and wonderful' (in the nicest possible way of course)