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Friday, 11 February 2011

What do they teach them?

As I was watching a TV quiz show, there was a true or false question: One divided by one is zero:true or false. The guy answering the question got it right.He said, "false". In this particular quiz the other contestants then get the chance to change any of the answers they think he has wrong. Three of them, all apparently normal intelligent people, then sat discussing it. There were two men and a woman with ages from twenties to sixties. You'd have thought one of them would know what one divided by one is, but no. They all agreed that one divided by one is zero. One of them actually said, "Well it can't be one, can it?" Three different generations of schooling and not one of them could manage the vastly tricky task of dividing by one.

Sometimes I despair.

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Cat said...

Head. Desk. Repeat.