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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Guest Post

Roger Noons, who is himself a fine writer, has today sent me this review of my two books.

I have completed my initial readings of Bob Hale's two books of poetry, Chaos Theory and The Hitting The Road Again Blues.
He and I come from a similar background (albeit Bob is a few years behind me), so I can understand his respect for his parents and his desire for their pride in, and admiration of, his achievements. Interestingly, his mother and mine shared the same first name.
In Chaos Theory, he shares with us his life, loves, dislikes and political opinions. He does so in a range of styles and forms, from haiku to longer pieces. The verses show variety, depth and novelty, with forms appropriate to the subject matter. I am aware that he has a dry sense of humour, although here it is little in evidence. That is not a criticism, but a recognition of the importance and seriousness which he awards to his subject matter. I particularly enjoyed :-
Away From The Crowd,The Lost City,The Teddy Bear House, and Dave.
In THTRAB, Bob shares with us his love of travel, often to 'off the beaten track' places. We visit a number of countries in several continents. I read about many places which I shall never visit, but through Bob's words, I can feel that I have been there and experienced something of the culture and life of it's people.
He concludes with Alice In The Underpass, a moment in Birmingham, almost his home city. For me that is the most touching example of Bob's skill as a writer, as a conveyor of place and mood. I also particularly liked The Devil's Carousel, DPRK, and The Perfect Moment.
If you enjoy poetry, reading and travel, you should obtain copies of these two books.
Roger L. Noons.

The books are available from

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