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Friday, 30 April 2010

Especially for Dave

My friend Dave was on the Metro a couple of days ago. He was wrestling with the tricky task of rhyming the word "doggerel".

So here is a little thing I call...


A poet I know asked for help with a rhyme,
I said, "Let me try, what is it this time?"
He said, "Doggerel."
I said, "I know what you write but regarding your plight,
What is the word that you cannot get right?"
He said, "Doggerel!"
I said, "I see what you mean, it is really quite hard,
You'd have to be quite a spectacular bard,
To rhyme, "Doggerel."
He said, "I've read your poetry blog,and I thought it OK
And while I can't find a rhyme I think I can say
Such a blogger'll.
I said, "I'll do my best, if that's OK
At least for the moment I won't run away
Like a jogger'll.
I shall work very hard, work till I drop
Till I find an answer, I simply won't stop
No good slogger'll.
I'll call up my friends if I can't make it scan,
One is a lumberjack and if anyone can,
Then a logger'll.
And if he fails there's a man who makes shoes
Who I'm certain might well have a word we can use,
Yes that clogger'll."
He said, "All these words that you've tried seem to cheat,
Maybe we should throw in the towel in defeat,
Faced with 'doggerel'."
I sighed and then used an American voice
And said, "Then perhaps your first and best choice,
Is 'inaugural'."


john am said...

If only you had mentioned
the Canon in D major
the one of Pachelbel

David Love said...

I've only just read this - been away in Dorset. I really like Inaugural but would it compromise my Black Country oral integrity? I have never been a muse to anyone before (even amusing was an aspiration) so could you please get it published with the title "For David Love(whose album is still available at the bargain price of £5.00 plus p & p)"

Only problem is - when I send my verse letter to the Express & Star, everyone will think I've pinched the idea. You know what a following you have amongst the readership.