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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Forthcoming Attractions

I guess you could call it my farewell tour.
Now that I am leaving the country I have been trying to organise a few final readings. I finally got to the Poetry Train last week though I didn't find it entirely to my taste as a performance venue. Still at least I read a few of my more rarely heard pieces there.

Next week, on 12th April, I am at City Voices at the City Bar in Wolverhampton, where I will be reading from my book "Anyone Can Do It".

I am considering going to an open mic performance in Burton on 20th April.

Scribblers, my writing group, are launching our magazine at the next City Voices which should be on 10th May, and I may read a couple of short poems from the anthology there.

And I will be doing an exclusive set of autobiographical poems at Bilston Voices at the Cafe Metro in Bilston on 26th May.

I've never been so busy.

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