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Monday, 4 April 2011

This Blog May Die

As you may know I am leaving the country to work in China in August. It seems that the Chinese authorities no longer allow access to Blogger so I won't be able to maintain this blog past my departure. (Still have a few months to go of course.)
At first I thought this would present no special problem as I could simply create a new blog on a server that is allowed. Unfortunately I can't find one in English. There are blog servers available but they are all in Chinese which is clearly no use to me as I can't understand the set up instructions and even if I could I wouldn't be able to write posts in Chinese.

Therefore this blog, and my other blogs which are also on blogger, may die when I leave the country. My blogging may, in fact, cease altogether unless I can find an English language blog host that works in China.

If anybody knows of one please tell me.


sue said...

I haven't heard of one. Remember if you do find one that it will be screened continuously for any critical comments, hints of creating a disturbance etc. Email also can be cut off if you are perceived to be saying inappropriate things. I've heard anecdotally that at some Maccas you can access blogger, but I didn't have any luck. It certainly gives you an appreciation of the power of their filtering.

Bob Hale said...

Thanks Sue. I shall be trying to maintain my blogging by email. I have several potential routes set up. As for critical comments and such - there won't be any. Not only are you correct in your comments, it's also written into my contract.

And what it makes me wonder is just how much of our own domestic blogging here in the UK might be subject to official scrutiny that we don't know about. Of course that's just my paranoia speaking. But just because I'm paranoid...

sue said...

your paranoia is probably well placed!

'nuf said.

BTW I had withdrawal symptoms when I was there last year, it was soooo frustrating not to have internet access...Good luck! Brilliant place, fantastic people, wonderful history. I love it!

oh, remember that all your emails will be filtered too, as well as texts etc. (and snail mail as well) they're very concerned about what is happening in the middle east.