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Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm probably just noticing it more

This stuff does seem to keep cropping up.
As I'm working (though playing is probably a better word) at my computer today, as is my now-normal, out-of-work habit, I have the TV tuned to The Wright Stuff. They have been discussing depression but some of the remarks from guest panellist Kriss Akabusi have a rather wider relevance. He has been suggesting that all of our lives are about preparing for and accepting necessary losses. That in order to move on, in order to change, we are forced to understand that things have to be left behind. And that learning those lessons ultimately prepares us for the acceptance of death, the final necessary loss. He added that part of the process is learning what we can take with us and what must be left behind as we move through our lives.
The show is often trivial and lightweight and the host has a penchant for unwarranted sarcasm but every now and then someone says something that seems quite intelligent and this seems to be one of those times. 
It seems very relevant to me at the moment.
Apparently, since retiring from his sports career, he has worked as a motivational speaker. I haven't seen him in that roll but I think he's probably rather good at it.

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