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Monday, 4 April 2011

Or maybe not...

As you can see from the test post below I can repost to this blog by using posterous and as that is updated via email which, at least at the moment, isn't blocked in China then this blog, and its mirror on posterous should be updatable. Of course I won't actually be able to see what I've posted but at least I should be able to post.

I'll just have to keep careful records.


David Love said...

Would this mean you wouldn't be able to see any comments?


Bob Hale said...

I'm afraid so.

Then again you haven't been prolific lately.

You'll just have to write lots between now and 17th August.

David Love said...

We'll have to have a drink before you go. Nothing too bacchanalian of course. Or expensive. No rounds would be a good idea.

I think I've got an old copy of "The Open Society" by Karl Popper somewhere. It could help pass the time on the plane and you could take it through as hand luggage into the People's Republic.


Bob Hale said...

I'm not working. O can get together any time = Fair warning though, I will be trying to sell you my books.

Actually I have performances coming up if you want to attend

12th April at City Bar in Wolverhampton

26th May at Metro Cafe in Bilston

(There are others but they aren't proper ones, just short or open mic performances)