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Monday, 25 April 2011

Ongoing #73

Finally, after prompting in the pub, I'm getting back to some of my neglected projects.
Ongoing, in case you have forgotten is a series of poems inspired by the cartoons in a book that I bought where the idea was that you complete the doodles. I prefer to use them as ideas for poems.
The next doodle shows three little old ladies knitting and talking.

And the poem that now goes with it is this.

Different in their day

There was a gaggle of gossiping grannies
Sat at the back of the bus,
Clucking and tutting and talking -
Eager to fret and to fuss;
Giving each passenger boarding
An overly critical eye;
Seeking to find any reasons
For a shake of the head and a sigh.
Disapproved of the teenagers clothing
And of the schoolchildren's noise,
And a mom with a child in a pushchair
|Had given her too many toys.
A guy with a spiky mohican
Sat quietly reading a book.
They loudly condemned his appearance,
Gave a stern and censorious look.
And a man in a suit with a briefcase
Was playing a game on his phone
Prompting the garrulous grumblers
To whine and to whinge and to moan
About how nowadays things were changing
How different their day had been,
How nothing's as good as it used to be.
They just go on venting their spleen.
A young man with a baby in harness
met with a withering stare
that compared to the vilification
for his wife with her pink and green hair.
At last when their stop was approaching
They stood up and still finding fault
Had a go at the bus driver's braking
As the vehicle came to a halt.

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