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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New Book

One thing I have so far neglected to mention is that I have, after giving it a lot of thought, put out a second book of poetry. I realise that this makes a total of three books in as many months but I wanted to get them out before I disappear to China and I wanted to have time to try to sell a few. The new book is called Chaos Theory: A Collection of Poems. Personally I think it's the best collection yet.

As with the other two books - Anyone Can Do It and The Hitting The Road Again Blues it is available from You could go there and search for it or you could just follow this handy link. A few of my friends have bought copies of these books but A LOT OF YOU HAVEN'T!

No names, no pack drill as my Dad always used to say (he had some odd sayings), but you all know who you are. Go and buy them all NOW! Or you could save the postage and come and see me perform at Bilston Voices at the Cafe Metro, Bilston on the 26th May - my farewell performance in the Midlands - where copies of all three books will be on sale, subject to availability.

(And yes David, I'm talking to you!)


David Love said...

I assumed you were.

I want to buy one from you in person so that you can autograph it (although I know that will reduce the collectibility value). Don't know if I can stretch to three but this last one sounds like the one I'll go for.

If I don't see you before you MUST somehow remind me about 26/05/2011. You could even ring me - I think you have my number.


Bob Hale said...

It was meant a little tongue in cheek so I hope you took no offence.
However, now that you bring it up we really must get together sometime before I go. We'll try to organise something soon.