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Saturday, 4 May 2013

35 Days: 4th May - Poem #22 Smiles for the Camera

And, bringing me back into line with my writing we have today's poem.

Posing for photos

with smiles on their faces

that die when the shutter has clicked.

The truth of the moment

is one that camera

is never equipped to depict.

The family together's

the family apart

it tears at itself like a beast.

They gather for Christmas

and let their resentments

boil over to flavour the feast.

They peck at each other

and peck at their food.

Their words are as sharp as their knives.

This one day of duty

lasts for eternity

and then they go back to their lives.

But this anger is private,

a family matter,

no outsider could ever predict,

or know from the photos

that the smiles on their faces

had died when the shutter had clicked.