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Saturday, 18 May 2013


I always have trouble with those Captcha-style word verification systems. You know the ones where you try to do something on the internet - submit a comment say - and it comes up with a little box with weirdly distorted letters and numbers for you to retype to prove you are a real person. It usually takes me couple of goes to manage to read them well enough to do the task.

I once had thirty goes at getting into a holiday company website before I just gave up completely and used a different company. (And that's not made up, it's true!)
I emailed the company about it but never got a reply.

Anyway I just posted a comment on a friends blog. There were two words to type in. I missed on the first try but got it on the second try. The only reason I mention it is that one of the two words I had to type was "suffer" but it had been photographed from an old text with the old style "s" that looks like an "f" so the word looked like "fuffer". It was a pure lucky guess that I decided it couln't really say that and went with typing an "s".