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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

35 Days: 7th May - Poem #25 A drawer full of keys

keys on iron rings
keys on threaded strings
at the bottom of the drawer
keys shining as if new
keys almost rusted through
keys falling to the floor
keys to start a car
keys to a mini bar
and the tantalus inside
keys to shed and gate
keys for a roller skate
and a hundred more beside
barrel keys and Yale
keys that might for a jail
keys to start a boat
keys for a clockwork train
and for the cover on the drain
keys for locking up a goat
for windows and for doors
keys to open bureau drawers
keys giant and keys small
keys for tiny locks
keys for an empty box
why did we keep them all
the truth is of course that I
not only don't know why
but don't know what they're for
could be, for all I see ,
for a belt for chastity
but there are truly keys galore
and if I ever say
let's throw them all away
the answer is "let's not"
you just don't know that they
won't be needed some fine day
so we'd better keep the lot