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Sunday, 5 May 2013

35 Days: 5th May - Poem #23 Sunsets

Another thousand sunsets, like the thousand gone before.

When the last one's over, there will start a thousand more.

Sunsets in the mountains, in the deserts, in the town.

Sunsets on the ocean where it seems the sun might drown.

I have seen them over forest; I have seen them over field;

Watched the ruby-painted sky that the twilight has revealed.

I have seen them when I'm sober; I have seen them when I'm drunk;

I have seen them in high spirits and when my heart has sunk.

I have seen them when I'm lonely, I have seen them by love's light;

I have seen the dying of the day and the fires it can ignite.

And every time I watch again as the darkness starts to fall

I remember every one of them, I can recall them all.

There'll be another thousand sunsets. I know that this is true.

But the best thing about sunsets is that sunrise will come too.