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Friday, 10 May 2013

35 Days: 9th May - Poem #27 Fireworks

It begins with red crackling static
and crisscross swordplay in brightest white.
A flower with ivory petals dipped in blood;
tendrils that creep into the night;
two sunflowers, two hundred feet tall;
a garden is created above us.
Shoots grow and spread from
the moss that has grown on the sky.
Sparks spit from the heated barrel of a gun;
a thousand rflaming arrows
suddenly curve earthward and vanish
into the fire of battle.

And everything ends in chaos and confusion
as blood pours from the creeping veins
to stain the tree tops.
The sun explodes – a magnificent fireball
that devours the earth,
shrinks back to a point
and leaves us in darkness.