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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Apprenticespeak #2

Last night's Apprentice had the regular task where they all go running around London trying to buy the items on a shopping list provided by Lord Sugar. I found it strange in last nights episode that NOT ONE of the members of the either of two teams (so that's 14 people allegedly from Britain's best and brightest) knew what either "physalis" or "cloche" meant. 
Granted they aren't the highest frequency words in the language and I've probably never had cause to teach either one to any of my students but surely one of them ought to have known them.


David Love said...

I thought you were getting rid of your telly when everything went digital. Or do you still get an analogue signal from Sutton Coldfield or somewhere?

Anyway, I might be inclined to forgive "physalis" given that, unless you've actually grown one or perhaps eaten the fruits of one in a frenzy of experimentation, I reckon that you'd have to be a very special (in the uncomplimentary sense of the word) person to know what one of those was.

Maybe its different in other countries where, for all I know, they're a dietary staple. You'd know better than I.


Bob Hale said...

You're right. I am on the Sutton Coldfield transmitter which doesn't shut down for about another month.

I have eaten physalis but I agree it's an unusual word but I'd have thought one of the fourteen should know it.

Incidentally what did you think of the books? Or have you just used them to prop up the leg of a wonky table?

David Love said...

I am reading the poems on the train. I will tender my review in due course. At the moment I'm on the Hitting the Road etc collection and I think there are a few that stand out which is interesting as I expect to enjoy the latest collection the most when I get around to it.

I'm being a bit slow because, between you and me, I'm reading them in between my revision for Mastermind which is still supposed to be a bit of a secret in case I make a tit of myself. I'm sure however that nobody I know is likely to find out about it via these pages.

I hope they ask me what a Physalis is.