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Friday, 27 May 2011

The things people will do to get on TV

Flipping channels the other night I was suddenly confronted with an extreme close-up of someone with genital warts. Apparently, this is a new TV program where people who have medical problems, mostly sexual ones, which they are too embarrassed to see a doctor about (in private), can have their faces and their conditions displayed on a wall sized screen to two complete strangers (and the entire viewing audience) who will give them medical advice about their conditions.

I'm not sure what I find most baffling, the idea that anyone would do this or the idea that anyone would watch it. 


David Love said...

I'm afraid that we're the strange ones. I am the only person in this office that DOESN'T watch it - or I would be if it wasn't for the fact that my wife has it on. In her case, of course, it's out of professional interest!


Bob Hale said...

Yeah, right. As if I'd buy that. Almost all professionals, regardless of the profession, spend their free time avoiding opportunities to talk shop or even think about their work. Medical professionals even moreso to the point where most of the ones I know will claim to be almost anything other than doctors or nurses just so that nobody offers to show them their genital warts.

You watch it while your wife grumbles and asks you to change the channel. Admit it man!