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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mathematically challenged

In my quest to fill the boring hours between now and when I am working again in July I have taken to doing things like spending two and a half hours walking along the canal bank to make a thirty minute visit to Walsall Museum for an exhibition.
I also considered making a visit to the local zoo, something I haven't done since I was a young child (apart from a couple of trips to a closed off section of the grounds when they used to hold a beer festival there.)
At the moment the price is putting me off, putting off the accountants who work it out too, apparently.

The website contains this information.

Admission Prices

Adult (inc. £1.20 donation) - £12.50

As a Charity we rely upon donations from our visitors to support our animal welfare and conservation work. The Adult price includes a voluntary donation of £1.20 towards our conservation work. If you choose not to support our conservation work the normal Adult admission price is £11.20.

Er... doesn't £11.20 plus £1.20  come to £12.40, not £12.50?

I may go anyway when I get bored enough.

1 comment:

arnie said...

Maybe VAT has something to do with the discrepancy? I don't really see how, admittedly.