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Monday, 23 May 2011

If even I know

Look, there are lots of things that everyone knows about me. For a start everyone knows that I don't use social networking sites. I once set up a Facebook account and have NEVER logged into it since the day I set it up. I have no interest whatsoever in posting or reading stuff  on Twitter. I simply don't care.

Another thing that I have little interest in - less, if that's even possible, than I have in Twitter - is football. There are probably no more than a handful of footballers I can name, though I'll admit to sometimes recognizing the names when I hear them

So, given all of that, how come, when someone said yesterday that they wanted to know the name of the footballer in the current superinjunction furore, I already know who it allegedly is? If even someone like me has, somewhere, and I don't know where, come across the answer (and assuming that, wherever it was, it was right) then it seems to have been a remarkably ineffective gag. Without knowing, wanting to know, seeking to know or caring in the slightest I have somehow run across the name of this footballer.
Superinjunction? Clearly money well spent.


Bob Hale said...

Sorry Dave, can't post your comment due to technical difficulties. The technical difficulty being that it would be illegal.

David Love said...

What do you care!? All you've got to do is lie low for a few weeks, hope you manage to sneak past the authorities at Heathrow and spend the rest of your days smugly out of reach in The People's Republic.

If you DO get caught you could be another martyr to the cause of free speech without having to go through the tedious business of molesting your associates.

Sounds like a win / win to me.

By the way - I've made up a limerick but you won't publish that either.