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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Small Stones: Extended Remixes #10

The next of my small stones was a very slight piece called "The Poetry Evening". This extended version is really a variation on the theme rather than a longer version of the same piece. Because Blogger is down at the moment I am having a go at posting this via gmail and so some, if not all, of the formatting will probably get lost. I'll sort it out later when blogger is back to normal.

The poetry evening

The first poet is
    an adult woman.
    has no papers
    has no books
    performs with style
            and energy.
    poems are witty
    and clever
    and full of life
            and laughter.

The second poet is
    an adult man.
    reads from pages
    kept loose-leaf
    in a folder
            full of dreams.
    poems are subtle
    and personal
    and full of sorrow
            and anger.

The third poet is
    an older woman.
    reads from a book
    a collection
    of her works.
    poems are thoughtful
    and full of rhythm
            and  rhyme.

The last poet is
    a teenage girl.
    reads from an i-pad
    virtual words
    from the ether.
    poems are spikey
    angular things
    full of the preoccupations
            of youth.

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